My name is Michaela, and I am an espresso fuelled entrepreneur with sky high ambitions. 




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I was born in the big city that feels like a small town, Ottawa, Canada. 

As a mixed girl (my pops is from Trinidad), with a mama that was formally a nun, I had an unconventional childhood. I was raised on a mix of Calypso, Jesus, and the occasional heaping of savoury poutine. 

Growing up, there were a few constants in my life: my love of books, my obsession with writing, and my knack for crushing every public speaking contest. 

I rebelled against my creative spirit for a long time, choosing the more "practical" path of legal studies in university. 

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I could never fit the mold of a serious lawyer, and bought a one way ticket to California to figure things out, bartending to pay the bills. 

My writing skills eventually led me into marketing, and I spent years honing that craft. Something was still missing for me, though. I was always writing in somebody else's voice, hiding from my own. 

I turned to LinkedIn a couple of years ago, and, in the midst of chaos in my stagnant career, picked up the (digital) pen again. Little did I know that the moment that I finally embraced who I was would be the ticket out of mediocre-ville and led me to discover the power of personal branding. 

My article went viral, and my LinkedIn presence exploded.

I kept writing, sharing slices of my heart with each update, video, and article. I started getting calls from CNBC, Success.com, Inc., Buzzfeed, and more. 

Through rediscovering my voice, I've stopped chasing goals and have created my own opportunities.

I've been able to design the life I've always wanted. 

I began my LinkedIn adventure with just one goal in mind. 

To help as many people as much realize the power of sharing your authentic self in a world where keeping it real is considered an act of rebellion. 

Over the past few years, I've gone from struggling to stand out to in a sea of ever-increasing competition, to reaching between half a million to a million views with everything I post on LinkedIn. How freakin WILD is that? 

I am not a unicorn.

I believe that regular folks and small businesses have the unique opportunity to make waves, and I adore helping people, teams, and organizations shake things up just by communicating from a more intentional place. 

I was tired of waiting around for awesome opportunities. Over the past few years, I've watched my career dreams and business goals come true, and it's an honor to do the same for others. 

Are you ready to take the leap into personal branding and LinkedIn strategy? 

Hand me another flat white with almond milk and let's get to work! 

Love and coffee, 



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