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Hey there, I'm Michaela.

I'm an expert on personal branding, medium roast aficionado, and LinkedIn? It's kind of my thing. Cozy up with another cup of coffee, and learn more about how I can help take you, your team, or next event attendees from beginner to all star online with real strategies that work for real people.  




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You're probably tired of yet another marketer telling you about how much they rock, right? I don't blame ya. So don't take my word for it, scroll through to see what my clients and audience members have to say! 


But first, here's a welcome gift to start writing updates on LinkedIn.

(I know, I spoil you!)

I've put together a handy little guide for you, whether you're still in LinkedIn lurking mode, or have been posting updates that just aren't cutting it, engagement wise.  And here's the best part, it's available TODAY for the LOW, LOW price of FREE DOLLARS! 


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I'm a big believer in the "show, don't tell" approach. How can you book me if you haven't seen me in action, right? I've got that covered too! 


But enough about me, can I help you? 

Learn more about my LinkedIn coaching, keynotes, workshops, and more! 

Let me teach you everything I know.

10x your LinkedIn growth with the help of somebody that has built a following of over 120,000 followers organically in two years, without a single dollar spent in advertising. 

Are you ready to win more business, make it rain leads, or land that dream job? Invest in one-on-one training with me today (limited quantities available).

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