6 Types of Content that Work Best for LinkedIn Pages

After a ton of research, you’ve finally come to the conclusion that LinkedIn Pages are worth exploring for your business.


You’re already imagining the leads pouring into your email inbox and captivating your ideal audience. Your prospects are absolutely mesmerized with your wit and wisdom, and falling over each other to work with you.

Full of inspiration, you grab my handy LinkedIn Pages checklist and start checking all the things off the list.

Now comes the tough part, you realize while staring at that pesky blinking cursor…what the heck do you talk about as a business?

I remember that moment all too well. I knew that I had the potential to make my Page a driving force in my small business, but going from speaking as a PERSON, to speaking as a BRAND on LinkedIn? That was excruciating at first.

Lucky for you, after months of trial and error, I’ve learned the secrets behind successful Pages, and I’m thrilled to bestow that knowledge unto you, with the six types of content that work best for LinkedIn Pages. Enjoy!

  1. Native Video

Video is sexy, so let’s talk about video on LinkedIn Pages.

LinkedIn Video is still a relatively new feature, so the algorithm pushes native over content taking traffic away from the platform. What that basically means is don’t use Youtube links, post videos natively. 

When you post a native video on a company page, you’ll want to make sure that it’s an MP4.

When you upload an MP4 to a LinkedIn Page, you’ll see options that you don’t even have on your personal profile, like adding a title and custom thumbnail. You can also upload a captioning SRT file, which you should always try to do. Yes, this take a little extra time, but remember that Page content is displayed on your feed much longer than it is on your personal profile, so optimize each post for success. 

If even THINKING about creating video for your LinkedIn Page is giving you hives, don’t run away just yet! There are so many ways that you can use video without necessarily performing on camera. For example, when I’m sharing a podcast interview, I won’t just share the link or a promo image, I use an app like Headliner to create a more visual video, like this:

I also love video text animation creator apps like Hype Type that allow me to create fun announcement videos that are definitely cooler than plain old photos!

2. Ask Questions

Here’s another easy one, ask questions!

I have a series on my LinkedIn Page called “LinkedIn Controversy Corner” that opens up the conversation to my audience about controversial LinkedIn-specific topics. They ALWAYS generate high engagement because people can’t resist adding their two cents.

One company I see doing this incredibly well is gong.io, that ask questions like “The BEST salespeople respond to objections with questions before answering. What's YOUR favorite objection handling tip?” I love following their page because it feels like a real community. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 3.30.54 PM.png

3. Tell Stories about Clients and Employees

Next, give the power to your clients and employees.

People buy from people, so why not let your people tell your brand’s story? This is a great tactic especially when your main objective is recruitment.

Share your employees story about how and why they joined the team but keep it human and relatable, not robotic. The best company I’ve seen doing this is Lemonade, which is an insurance agency in New York. 

4. Educate

And speaking of giving, one of the best content is advice and tips.

People on LinkedIn are there to learn and grow, so serve their needs and they will become your fans.

I see some companies doing this, but not well.

Don’t take people away from the platform in order to learn, meet them where they are. If you’re sharing a blog post from your website, share the link, but also summarize the content so that even if the person doesn’t read the full piece, they still feel satisfied that they’ve learned something from you.

One of my favourite companies doing this super well is Whole Foods. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 3.36.36 PM.png

Even better, break up articles and blog posts into bite sized pieces of content so that they can learn it over time. 

5. Give Something Away

Giveaways and downloads are both incredibly fun, unique ways to build community.

I do giveaways once a quarter, always making sure to tie the prize back to my content, for example, giving away a rode microphone that I mentioned in a video about upgrading your iPhone for LinkedIn video. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 3.39.36 PM.png

6. Offer a high value download

PDF, Word doc, and Powerpoint downloads are quite new, and super valuable for your audience.

I love giving away checklists and cheatsheets, but I also love how Gary Vaynerchuk has been experimenting with Powerpoint presentations. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 3.41.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 3.43.11 PM.png

So there you have it, the six types of content that work incredibly well and can help take your LinkedIn Page from drab to fab.

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Michaela Alexis